3 Chords and the Truth

3 Chords and the Truth: Art Inspired by Music
31 March to 11 April 2010
ANCA Gallery, 1 Rosevear Place, Dickson ACTCurated by Narelle Phillips, this is a group exhibition featuring myself,
Geoffrey Dunn (photography)
Nicci Haynes (printmaking)
Philippa Hofgartner (painting)
Andrew Mayo (photography)
Franki Sparke (printmaking)
Peter Stewart (glass)
Anne Warren (works on paper)

I made a selection of paper works using discarded sheet music, letterpress, and various fun things that I found along my trail. What follows are bad phone camera images that are placemarkers until I can get some better ones: I’ve just arranged to have some better ones taken while I’m up in Mackay!

This is called The Midnight Serenade. It’s not really wearable, it’s more a thought about how people treasure a song. Each bead is made from a line of sheet music, and the whole bracelet is the entire song. It is sitting on some bits of pianola roll, with the title of the song, inside an old cigarette case.

Another not-really-wearable piece, called Secret Thrill. Again, something about treasuring music, this time the secret love of a daggy song. It’s a wooden bangle covered with the sheet music of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, with lots of rhinestones that have been stuck on the inside of the bangle.

More on treasuring music. In fact, the whole suite of works are about music, nostalgia and holding something close to yourself. This one, using sheet music and origami, is called Humming. It sold on opening night.

A close-up of Humming.

This one is a collage work on paper. I was playing with an old hymn book that had lovely thin, fragile paper. I was making origami shapes from the paper, but it wasn’t feeling like anything special. Then I found myself becoming entranced with the yellowy amber-like quality of the copious amounts of decaying sticky-tape that had been used by a previous owner to hold the book and pages together. There was no page left under the tape, only this luminous transparent gold. So I made a piece using the tape. It’s a conservator’s nightmare, but it’s a beautiful golden piece. I called it Stain.

A close-up of Stain

This is the end of a pianola roll, collaged with text. I called it Blue. The holes in the roll when looked at from the side looked like electronic pulses, and as I pondered over them I found myself humming ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order. When I thought about the words, they seemed very straightforward and simple. I looked through my cut-up collection of books for the right paper colour (it had to be a very particular aged brown) and found it in an old cheesy edition of Little Women. I found all the words I needed in just two chapters of LW.

A close-up of Blue, with text.

I made a stack of posters to advertise the show, using wood type on newsprint and sheet music. Finally, I printed on the backs of the two books of sheet music I’d taken apart for the posters. I thought I’d make them a bit special for the show, so i collaged them. This one is called Vocal Chords


A close-up of Vocal Chords.

And this one is called Reflex.

A close-up of Reflex. The song lyrics on the right are the ‘rap’ from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I can’t believe they made Vincent Price say y’awl’s neighbourhood!

All the works are for sale through the ANCA Gallery until the show finishes.