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Scaremongrel (2013)

This is a year that is making a lot of people angry, on both sides of politics. Last week I got so angry that I was going to burst if I didn’t do something about it. I’ve felt like that  before, and that’s how Arsehattery came into existence. That particularly satisfying word, arsehattery, was brought to my attention by Crazybrave, who is not (alas) blogging about political matters anymore, but is happily tweeting like crazy (I don’t, but I do get to experience her in person, lucky me). So when I got as Mad As Hell And Was Not Going To Sit Still Anymore, I consulted with her about some more fun words to express how I, we, perhaps you, are feeling.


This is the prude version, with a modicum of sensitivity, but there is a gross of the uncensored version (containing the full YOU) printed as well, because I liked the word gross in this context. Limited edition, unnumbered, unsigned. Make it your own. Put it public places, prepare to have it ripped down.


Scaremongrel, 2013

Handset letterpress printed in blue-black ink on 105gsm Centennial Cream stock, 655 x 350mm. Edition of 144 (gross edition), plus an edition of c. 70 (ladies’ edition).

Price: $20 including postage anywhere in Australia, extra copies in same mailing $10 ea. International purchasers please contact me with destination and I will quote you a total.

Purchase is by emailing me directly, and payment is via Paypal (ampersand duck at gmail dot com, close up all spaces and do the symbols) or cash.