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EASS Broad Gallery

A gallery of images by my EASS Broad residents, including process shots and work from their broader practice displayed in the 2013 exhibition. All works are for sale, prices are listed below.

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Helani and Jon print up a storm

Helani Laisk and Jon Webster were the 2011 ANU EASS Ampersand Duck Broadside residents. I tend to write about them together, because they worked in the studio in the same time period, on different days, and they are good friends who went through art school together. However, they are very separate individuals in their art practices and the results of their printing time, despite using some similar processes, are very different and entirely filled with their own personalities. Continue reading

Setting up the residencies: 2010

In 2009 I spent some time thinking about what I really wanted to do with letterpress. I’d printed two fine press volumes, the kind of books that I’d always wanted to make, but they’d taken me three years to achieve amidst all my work and family commitments, and that’s not very good business. Plus, I’d tried to do every part of the process myself: planning, negotiating, designing, setting, printing, binding, publicity, sales. And that’s just exhausting.I do intend to make more fine press books, but they’ll be smaller editions, and far less ambitious. Continue reading