List of Works

The following is a reasonably complete list of all exhibited/published works. If there is a story about the work on this site or elsewhere, the title will be linked to it. The listing of ephemera is not complete, but substantial. Everything marked ‘available’ has its price listed on the Price List.


Working Papers (in progress) Artists’ book. Handset letterpress on washi. Text by Angela Gardner and Caren Florance.

1962: Be Spoken To (in progress) Artists’ book. Handset letterpress and screenprint. Poetry by Melinda Smith.

Swipe (2014– ) Zine project. Photocopy zine scripted by invited poets and artists. List of participants to date: Monica Carroll, Melinda Smith, Nicci Haynes, Shags, Tania de Rozario, Philip Gross, Paul Munden, Owen Bullock, Shane Strange. 200 x 140mm, handsewn, 16pp. Available.

Touch to Activate (2016) Artist’s book. Handset letterpress and offset ink. Trifolded gloss stock; 297 x 210mm when folded. Variable edition of 15. Available.

Touch 000100000 (2016) Artist’s book. Typewritten bond pages of zeros and Os (plus introductory text), spiral-bound, jar, tweezers. 297 x 225mm. Readers are encouraged to remove and collect the loose counters and place them in the jar. Unique. Available.

Pleasure Demolition (2016) Artist’s book. Two poems by Angela Gardner, ‘Demolition’ and ‘Pleasure Grounds’, from the series ‘Notes to Architects.’ The text is printed using hand-set wood type, with phrases back to back on shards of found/used/reclaimed kraft stock: wrapping paper, paper bags, parcels. Sewn together as a mobile, they move with the room’s air-currents and activity, presenting new readings. Edition of two. Longlisted for the Mackay Libris Award.

Tracer (2015) Poetry chapbook. Poems by Owen Bullock, including the original version of ‘Redex’ and his subsequent revisitings of the poem after my re-arrangement of it. 280 x 100mm, 24pp + cov. Laser-printed, handsewn. Open edition. Available.

Proseity Poems (2015) Blurb artist’s book. Reproduced offset inked page spreads. Print on demand.

Interference (2014) Chapzine. Poems by Angela Gardner, texted between Gardner’s Nokia phone and Florance’s iPhone, with all autosuggestions accepted. All three versions of the poems are represented. 205 x 130mm, 24pp + cov. Laser-printed, handsewn. Open edition. Available.

Transcription (2014) Artist’s book. Based on Interference. Each version of the poems is typed using a different typewriter to represent the phones. Typewriter on Yellowtrace paper, unbound in manilla wrapper. c. 150 x 100mm. Edition of 2.

Redex (2014) Artist’s book. Poem by Owen Bullock, arranged by CF. Letterpress on Whitetrace stock, 4pp ‘pagefold’ format. 207 x 205mm. Edition of 170, printed for Parentheses journal deluxe folio. Overprints available. Longlisted for the 2015 Fremantle Print Awards

Vitreous Syneresis (I see you sometimes) (2014) Drawings toward an artist’s book. Poem by Sarah Rice. Eight manipulated digital prints on archival rag paper. 200 x 300. Edition of 10. Available.

Vitreous Syneresis (positive afterimage), 2014. Digital animation that loops on an iPad. 5m duration. Poem states by Sarah Rice.


Ten (matte) (2015) Artist’s book. Letterpress on Shoalhaven Mill Centenary Cream 135gsm stock, printed cardstock cover, handsewn. 24pp + cov. 155 x 95 x 4mm. Edition of 10. Available.

Ten (gloss) (2015) Artist’s book. Letterpress on Tyvek stock, printed cardstock cover, handsewn. 24pp + cov. 155 x 95 x 2mm. Edition of 10. Available.

Out of Shape (2014) Fine press book. Shaped poems by NZ poet Sue Wootton. Handset letterpress in a soft palette of blue, green, brown and red on Magnani Velata Avorio wove mould-made Italian paper. Eleven folded page spreads, unbound in a hand-printed, hand-rolled two-colour washi paper wrapper. 23cm x 23 cm x 1cm. Edition of 30. Available.

The One Who Stopped (2014) Artist’s book. Letterpress, wax, inks and pigment dyes on readymade Chinese folding books. Poem by Sarah Rice. 3 variants: 300 x 78  x 25mm (travelling with Open Book Plus exhibition); 98 x 78 x 25 (artist’s copy); 247 x 167 x 25 (poet’s copy).

It’s Raining/Stilled Lives (2013) Artist’s book. Text by the artist. Relief printing and letterpress on Fabriano paper, dos-a-dos format with printed cardstock cover & bellyband. Produced for Book Art Object Project 4. 245 x 78 x 4. Edition of 25. Available.

WYSIWYG (2013) Artist’s book. Original text about this book’s approach to being an exhibited artist’s book. Letterpress on Magnani Velata Avori paper, paper cut and case-bound. 220 x 225 x 12 mm. Edition of 3. Available.

Dear Lady (2012) Fine press book. Text is a letter by Sydney Smith to Lady Georgiana Morpeth, 1820. Letterpress accompanied by wood type hand-engraved by Rosalind Atkins. Printed three colours on Magnani Velato Avorio handmade paper with a printed cover of Shin Inbe Ash paper, handsewn. 145 x 130 x .75mm. Edition of 20. Sold out.

Quagmire (IT & Lies) (2011) Artist’s book. Original text inspired by an excerpt from Jeanette Winterson’s Art and Lies. Inkjet prints and letterpress on Como cartridge, spiral bound with boxboard cover. 210 x 158 x 10mm. Book Art Object Project #3. Edition of 12. Available.

Blue (2010) Artist’s book. Found text collage on antique pianola roll fragment. Unique. Available.

Learning Absence, 1986 (2010) Artist’s book. Poem by Rosemary Dobson. Monoprints and letterpress. Hardback stab binding. Book Art Object project #1. Edition of 13. Available.

Skyhooks (2010) Artist’s book. ‘string books’ of paper-cut offset letterpress, hand-sewn. Edition of 2. 1 available.

Paper Wrestling (2010)Artist’s book. Poem by NZ poet Claire Beynon. 3-colour letterpress and origami. Book Art Object Project #2. Edition of 20. Available.

Poems to Hold or Let Go (special binding) (2009) Exhibition binding: Long-stitched limp binding on rag momigami paper (made by the artist) and vintage Victorian cotton thread. Title embossed using lead type. 2 copies, numbered in roman numerals as part of the deluxe edition for the exhibition Books to Hold or Let Go.

Grieving i (Hold and Let Go) (2009) Artist’s book installation in two parts. Letterpress overprints (from Poems to Hold or Let Go) and vintage book spines. Available.

Grieving ii (Folding the Sheets and Sides to Middle) (2009) Artist’s book installation in two parts. Letterpress overprints (from Poems to Hold or Let Go) folded into origami. Available.

Me, Like a River (2009) Artist’s book. Concertina flag/tunnel book of letterpress offcuts from the book Shared Rooms. Unique.

The Pillowbooks (2009) Artist’s book. Embossed letterpress on BFK Rives White 250gsm paper, watercolour, thread. Text (from a song by Machine Translations) produced using wood type letterpress. A set of two concertina books.

Night Ladders (Escape*, Grim*, Vision, After) (2009) Series of 4 artist’s books using paper-cut offset letterpress and vintage book covers. (* = available.)

Feel the Fell (2009) Artist’s book. Letterpress and offset letterpress ink on Chinese roll paper with handsewn whirlwind binding. Text by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Unique.

Complicated Shadows (2009) Artist’s book. hand-printed letterpress on Kozo washi, handsewn denim cover, lead weight. 70 x 183 x 4. Edition of 3. Available.

Snatches: a mystery in six parts (2008) Artist’s book.Letterpress and ink drawings on polyester sheets. Collaboration with byrd. Text from various sources. Unique, printed in the ANU School of Art Book Studio. Available.

Poems to Hold or Let Go (2008) Fine press volume. Relief letterpress, wood engravings, casebound. Poems by Rosemary Dobson, with wood engravings by Rosalind Atkins. Edition of 200, printed in the ANU School of Art Book Studio with financial aid from Arts ACT. Available.

pr0n coktales (2007) Chapzine. 2-colour letterpress on tyvek. 8pp, with a hand-rolled and hand-stitched cover. Text is computer-generated spam. Edition of 100, printed in the ANU School of Art Book Studio. Available.

Transmigration (2007) Fine press volume. Hand-set letterpress, relief prints, casebound. Poems by Nan McDonald, with drawings by Jan Brown. Edition of 90, printed in the ANU School of Art Book Studio with financial aid from ArtsACT. Available.

RobinsOn cruSoE (2006) Artist’s book. Mixed media, including x-rays, photographic paper, collage and letterpress, contained in a solander box made from a vintage book cover. Unique.

Red Wine, Red Roses and Red Hot Sex: for Sacha (2006) Set of 3 books: flutter, concertina and pop-up bindings using manipulated & recycled letterpress broadsides. Unique set.

Playing with Anna’s Ghosts (2005) Artist’s book. Letterpress on Zerkal (overprints of Shared Rooms) sewn into a concertina binding with removable hard cover and slipcase. Unique.

Time Limit Applies (2005) Artist’s book. ACT Government parking vouchers in a yellow manilla Japanese binding and slipcase, c. 120 x 60 x 10mm.

Inconsolable Jubilation (2005) Artist’s book. Solvent transfers and graphite drawings on black and white handmade paper (made by artist). Coptic bound in acetate with waxed linen thread. Unique. Available.

What You Left Behind (2005) Artist’s book. Manipulated digital images printed as photos and housed in a black hand-made coptic-bound photo album. Edition of 2. Available.

Elegy to Lost Times (2005) Artist’s book. Oil on paper monoprints with solvent transfers and collage. Snake concertina structure with tie of video tape. Edition of 5. Reworking of student prints. Not to be confused with Elegy to Lost Time.

Elegy to Lost Time (2005) Artist’s book. Oil on paper monoprints with solvent transfers and collage. Snake concertina structure with paper slipcase. Edition of 5. Not to be confused with Elegy to Lost Times.

EARLY BOOKS (pre-Ampersand Duck)

Shared Rooms: Poems by Anna Akhmatova with Translations by Natalie Staples and Imitations by Rosemary Dobson and David Campbell (2002) Artist’s book. Letterpress and monoprints on Zerkal Wove paper, housed in screenprinted acetate envelopes, contained in a bookcloth-covered box with a perspex drawer (boxed) or a printed card slipcase (softbound ). English text handset in Perpetua and Times metal type; Russian text computer-set in Latinski and printed by letterpress using photopolymer plates. 2 edns: 5 single sheets, boxed, 6 concertina, softbound. Canberra: Printmedia & Drawing Workshop/ E+ABS, Canberra School of Art. Available.

I am Writing to You From a Far-Off Country: Experiencing Henri Michaux (2000) Artist’s book. Digital images from collage, laserprints, pen & ink on paper, perspex box. Unique. Graphic Investigation Workshop, Canberra School of Art. Available.Lingua Arcana Matrum (Amare) (1998) Artist’s book. Letterpress on various Asian papers with photocopies on acetate, own text (Latin composed for the artist by Robert Barnes), unbound in sheer cloth drawstring bag with white plastic peg and altered handstitched breastpad. Book 102 x 102mm, bag 110 x 140 mm. Edition of 5, Graphic Investigation Workshop, Canberra School of Art.

Echo (1996) Artist’s book. Letterpress on watermarked handmade rag paper made by the artist), own text, unbound in blue paper slipcase. 75 x 75 mm. Edition of 7, Graphic Investigation Workshop, Canberra School of Art.

Clown i (1996) Artist’s book. Laserprinted text on commercial stock, text by Henri Michaux, sewn bookblock with machine-embroidered handmade rag momigami paper cover. [Square layout] Edition of 2, Graphic Investigation Workshop, Canberra School of Art

Clown ii (1996) Artist’s book. Laserprinted text on commercial stock, text by Henri Michaux, sewn bookblock in handmade collaged box. [Landscape layout] Edition of 2, Graphic Investigation Workshop, Canberra School of Art.


People are not illegal (Australian) (2016) Letterpress on cartridge. 3 versions: black, red, 2-col letterpress. Limited edition. Available.

People are not illegal (German) (2016) Letterpress on German stock (c. 300gsm). 2-col letterpress. Edition of 75 made as part of the Typomania annual exchange.

Ware Mensch (2015) Letterpress on German stock (c. 300gsm). 2-col letterpress & hand-coloured blocks. Text by the artist. Edition of 75 made as part of the Typomania annual exchange.

Red Language (2015) Letterpress on red Nepalese handmade paper. Anagram poem by Melinda Smith, one line set in metal then re-arranged and reprinted. produced at Penland Craft School, USA. Edition of 12. Available.

Scaremongrel (2013) Broadside. Letterpress on 105gsm Shoalhaven ‘Centennial Cream’ stock. 655 x 350mm. Edition of 144 (gross edition), plus an edition of c. 70 (ladies’ edition). An uncounted number of each edition was overprinted in red with the words ‘Rudd’ (over ‘Abbott’) and ‘his’ (to change ‘without’ to say ‘with his’) and dubbed the ‘Quick Response’ edition. Available.

Discontent (2012) Letterpress on Fabriano Tiepolo 290gsm paper. Text by the artist. Edition of 20, 350 x 350mm. SOLD OUT.

Revelation (2012) Letterpress and monoprint on Arches Rives BKF paper. Poem by Jemal Sharah. 400 x 300mm. Edition of 50.  Available.

Swung Weight (2012) Letterpress on Rives BFK paper. Poem by Angela Gardner, set and printed by AG and CF. 220 x 660mm. Edition of 25. Available.

The Amputation (2011) Letterpress on Magnani Pescia. Poem by Lisa Morriset. Private commission. Edition of 22, 385 x 190mm. Hackett, Canberra. Available from poet, request can be passed on if you are interested.

Prime (2010) Folio of 9 letterpress broadsides featuring poems by Robert Adamson (A) Stephen Edgar (A), Michael Harlow (NZ), Sarah Holland Batt (A), Les Murray (A), Vincent O’Sullivan (NZ), Sue Wootton (NZ). Edition of 100 for Otakou Press, Dunedin, NZ. Edition of 100, printed on Fabriano Rosapina 220gsm paper, 500 x 350mm. Housed in a hardcover folio made by the University of Otago bindery.

Miniature broadside series (2010) Letterpress on paper, one batch is 45 x 32 mm in editions of 10 to 20. Second series is variable but similar sizes & editions.  Available.

Vocal Chords (2010) Letterpress and collage on paper. Unique. Available.

Reflex (2010) Letterpress and collage on paper. Unique. Available.

Grief Hankie (2010) Artist’s broadside. Solvent release on linen handerchief. Text by Rosemary Dobson. Made for The Hankie Project (curated by Julie Barratt). Unique.

Country Show (2009) Exhibition broadside. Letterpress and rubber stamp on coated stock. 2 colour runs: Woodchop (blue & orange) and Fairy Floss (pink and blue). Edition of ten each.  Available.

Pocket Garden (2008) 3-colour letterpress plus fingerprints on Tyvek. Produced for the El Mutanabbi Street Broadside Project. 455 x 305 mm (18”x12″). Edition of 15.

Poems a Long Way from Basho (2008) Letterpress on white Arches offcuts. Edition of 5. Present for Rosemary Dobson, poet.

Arsehattery (2007) Letterpress on found coated stock, limited but unnumbered edition.

Red Roses, Red Wine and Red Hot Sex: For Sacha (2007) Letterpress on black Arches BFK. Edition of 10.  Available.

Dirge (2004) Letterpress on offset lithography monoprint and solvent release. 210 x 250mm. Edition of 21, made for an Acteus Reus Press print exchange. Book Studio, ANU School of Art. Available.


Lee Rolph, Mrs Ella Elephant’s Pleasant Surprise, 2015. Story by Lynne Rolph, illustrations by Miriam Raymond, text layout and printing by Caren Florance, binding and other production by Lee Rolph. Edition of 50. Hackett, Canberra.

GW Bot, Glyphmetrics (book), 2013. Poems by Anne Kirker. Casebound by Robin Tait. Letterpress and lino on Magnani paper.Typographer. Edition of 30. Hackett, Canberra.

Tanya Myshkin, Le vierge, le vivace et le bel aujourd’hui (book), 2012. Text by Stephen Mallarme. Letterpress and wood engravings. Unbound with marbled endpapers and loose paper / mylar cover. Edition of 12. Queanbeyan, NSW and Hackett, Canberra. Available.

Footprints, Central Victorian Printmakers folio (title/colophon), 2011. Letterpress on printmaking paper. Commission, edition of 25. Hackett, Canberra.

Mirabel FitzGerald, Talking About Love (book), 2011. Intaglio and relief on hemp paper with ink rubbings, solvent release, burning and letterpress. Typographer. Edition of 3. Private commission. Hackett, Canberra.

Simryn Gill, A Long Time Between Drinks (folio), 2010. Letterpress printer for title page & colophon. Private commission. ANCA, Canberra.

Patsy Payne & Sarah Rice, Those Who Travel (book), 2010. Pounced graphite drawings on lithography and letterpress on grey Magnani paper, loosely sew with embossed paper cover. Poems by Sarah Rice, printing by Patsy Payne and Shellaine Godbold, drawing by Patsy Payne, typography and binding by Ampersand Duck. 160 x 290 x 10mm. Edition of 16. Printmedia Workshop, ANU School of Art and ANCA, Canberra. Available.

Angela Gardner, Light-trap Press, Twelve Labours and The Night Ladder (books), 2009. Technical advisor. Editions of 25. Book Studio, ANU School of Art. Available.

Tushar Joag (Unicell), UNICELL Proposal to Utilise the FSI of the Monuments and Heritage Buildings in Bombay (print edition), 2008. Designer and printer. Edition of 16? Book Studio, ANU School of Art.

Petr Herel, Livre des Fuites (book), 2007. Letterpress printer. Edition of 9. Private commission, Book Studio, ANU School of Art.

GW Bot, Black Swan (book), 2007. Letterpress printer and bookbinder. Edition of 19. Book Studio, ANU School of Art.

Annette Iggulden, Juarez, She Played with Stars (wall-book), 2006. Printer (relief) and binder. Edition of 9. E+ABS/ANU Book Studio, ANU School of Art.

Sally McInerney, Family Fragments (book), 2005. Letterpress printer for titles & boxes. Edition of 17. E+ABS, ANU School of Art.

Helen Geier, Prime Numbers (print folio), 2005. Digital printer, assemblage/stitcher, promo designer. Edition of 20. E+ABS, ANU School of Art.

Dianne Fogwell, Soothsayer (book), 2005. Bookbinder (coptic). Edition of 3. Private commission. Downer, Canberra.

Jan Brown & Ian Templeman, Icarus: A Father Recollects (book), 2004. Letterpress and relief printer, assemblage. Edition of 16. E+ABS, ANU School of Art.

Fiona Foley, Samsara (print folio), 2003. Letterpress printer, title page and colophon. Edn of c. 12. E+ABS, ANU School of Art.


Chris Twiney, Social Media Survival Manual (2014) Letterpress on Tyvek and screenprint on paper, handsewn booklet with vinyl cover. Edition of 50. Available.

Eadie Newman, In My Dreams (2013). Letterpress and relief-plate drawing on Fabriano Rosapetta. Poem by Stevie Smith. Edition of TBC. Available.

Martin James, Our Future (money can’t buy you everything) (2013). Letterpress on Fabriano Tiepolo. Poem by Gina Reinhart. Edition of 20. Available.

Merryn Sommerville, TBC (2013) Letterpress and woodcut on washi. Edition of TBC. Available.

Helani Laisk, Flesh and Blood (2012) Letterpress and linocut on Kozo Heavy washi, 310 x 310mm, edition of 42. Available.

Hair and Skin (2012) Letterpress and linocut on pure silk, 310 x 310cm, edition of 10. Available.

Jonathan Webster, Warm and Damp (2012) Linocut and letterpress on Iwaki washi, 310 x 640mm, edition of 42. Available.

Louise Upshall, Circle of Stones Page 4 (2012). Letterpress on acrylic medium wash on Fabriano Rosapetta, each unique. Available.

Peter McLean, Sky (2011) Wood engraving, direct relief print and letterpress on Iwaki washi. Edition of 50. Available.

Natalie Azzopardi, Game Over series (2010) Letterpress on Fabriano Rosapina. Four images: Mario (edition 55), Pacman (edition 50), Space Invaders 1 (edition 20), Space Invaders 2 (edition 14). Available.


Art prints & drawings

Sunlight & Shadows (2011) Altered book work. Paper-cut offset letterpress, vintage book. Unique. Available.

Dream Queen (2011) Print edition. Monoprinted vintage block with letterpress and sticker laminated onto archival gold paper. 210 x 280mm. Produced in edition of 49 for Rona Green’s Freaks of Nature folio.

White Noise Monoprint series (2011) Letterpress on Rives BFK. Wood type matrix, hand-wiped monoprints. 226 x 250mm. Available.

Transmission edition (2011) Letterpress on Rives BFK. 226 x 250mm. Edition of 10. Available.

Stain (2010) Altered book work. Pages from hymnal, sticky tape, backing paper. Unique. Available.

Papillions (2010) Altered book work. Paper-cut sheet music. Unique.

Fleurons (2010) Reduction letterpress print using ornaments. Edition of 40.

The Lost Book of Set Destinations: Fragments 1–8 (2007) Letterpress on Hahnemuhle paper, each unique. Text sourced from a variety of hell-type left by students at the Canberra School of Art. Available.

Come and See! (2000) Letterpress and relief prints on Magnani Incisioni paper. Part of proposed children’s book called ‘Come and See!’, entered into the 2000 Noma Concours Illustration competition (won Encouragement Award).

Wearable work

Craft ACT APM Members’ brooch (2015). Paper brooches using handmade paper by Katharine Nix and offcuts of poetry by Rosemary Dobson, hand-stitched. Limited edition of c. 150.

Phat Groovers (2011) Brooches. Vinyl record shards, diamantes, pins. Edition of 10.Small number still available.

Oddhams (2011) Brooches. Repurposed book covers (from Odhams Children’s Encyclopedia), pins. Edition of 12. Small number still available.

Pretty Woman (2011) Brooch. Videotape (from movie Pretty Woman), vintage buckle, pin. Unique.

Thrill (2010) Bracelet. Wooden bangle covered in sheet music (from Michael Jackson’s Thriller), diamantes. Unique. Available.

Serenade (2010) Bracelet. Paper beads (from single sheet of music), jewellery fittings. Housed in vintage silver cigarette case lined with pianolo roll shards. Unique.


byrd&shite 1 (2012) Zine. Letterpress, enamel spray on commercial book pages, pamphlet sewn. Collaboration with byrd. 16pp, 10x10mm. Edition of 50, unnumbered. Available.

Change of Address cards (2011) 1-colour letterpress on commercial pre-cut card stock, edition of 75, unnumbered. Personal use.

Vinculum contribution (2011) 1-colour letterpress on Magnani paper. A5 size, edition of 100 for the occasional publication of the NZ Association of Handprinters.

ANU promotional flyer design prints (2011) 1-colour woodtype prints, eventually scanned & incorporated into institutional promotional flyers. Unique. Various sizes.

Friends don’t let friends… (2011) 1-col letterpress and vintage block print, unlimited number on various stock. Available.

Sticker labels for Fair & Square catalogue (2011) Ampersand wood type labels for Charles Sturt University Gallery, Wagga Wagga, NSW (Thomas Middlemost commission). 53mm square, over 500 to stick on front of catalogue (design & layout also by &Duck).

Type Sampler (2012) Type specimen, printed on kraft stock and hand-sewn as a pamphlet. Limited edition plus digital issue. Available.

Greeting cards for Craft ACT (2010/2011) All 150mm square unless mentioned.
1. ‘Sorry Tree’ card: 2 col, wood type (metallic brown) & hand-rolled colour (sea green) on white Fabriano Tiepolo, edition of 40.
2. ‘White Light’: vintage lighthouse block in pewter on white Fabriano Tiepolo, edition of 45.
3. ‘Dark Light’: vintage lighthouse block in silver on black card stock, edition of 50.
4. ‘Mulberry Love’: typographic design in 2 colours on white Fabriano Tiepolo, edition of 45.
5. ‘Chooky Blue’: vintage chicken block in metallic blue on grey Magnani (100x 100mm), edition of 35.
6. ‘Santa LOL’: 1-col typographic design on white BFK Rives, edition of 38.
7. ‘Lippy Kiss’: 1-col (graduated tones) typographic design on white BFK Rives, edition of 60. Available.

Mark Ferson ex libris (2010) Typographical design of wood & metal letterpress on gummed stock. ANCA, Canberra.

Poems a long way from Basho (2010) Small trifold poetry flyer, letterpress on Magnani paper, edition of c. 50. Present for Rosemary Dobson, poet, for her 90th birthday. Distributed among party guests and family.

Country Show splash flyers (2009) 1-colour wood-type letterpress on thin blue bond stock. Limited numbers but unnumbered. Flotsam & jetsom (2004– ) Various blank books and clamshell book boxes, mostly made from parts of vintage books.

Poems to Hold or Let Go prospectus (2008) Relief-printed letterpress on Magnani stock. Limited but unnumbered. Small number still available. Wipe (2009 — ) Various prints on toilet paper submitted to Field Studies over the years, both individually and collaboratively with byrd.

Transmigration prospectus (2007) Letterpress and relief print on Rives BFK stock. Limited but unnumbered. Small number still available.

Ampersand (2006) Group chapbook from letterpress workshop. Single colour letterpress printed 4-up, handsewn. Edition of c. 20. Caren Florance design & instruction.

Alphabet (2006) Group chapbook from letterpress workshop. Single colour letterpress printed 4-up, handsewn. Edition of c. 20. Caren Florance design & instruction.

The Owl & the Pussycat (2004) Wedding announcement card (personal). 2-col letterpress on folded Hahnemuhle paper & other stock. Front text by Edward Lear. Edition of c.100.