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Finlay Press & Finlay Lloyd

This is a personal research article built from email and oral interviews with Phil Day. I have spoken of the Finlay Press at a number of occasions: the Impact 7 conference in Melbourne (September 2011) and at the fine press symposium Adventure & Art (March 2012). It is an important chapter of Australian private press history, but I’ve never been able to find anything written about them in any depth, so here we go:

Finlay Press is a private press established by Ingeborg Hansen and Phil Day. They began printing in Goulburn, NSW, Australia in 1997. In 2001 the press moved to Braidwood, NSW, where they designed and printed numerous publications before closing the press in 2009.

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Impact 7: Intersections and Counterpoints

Melbourne didn’t really behave itself for Impact7; I know everyone makes jokes about the city having four seasons in one day, but to turn on its wettest Spring day in 100 years was just showing off, don’t you think? On the Wednesday, while I was sitting at my folio table showing my wares and talking to people, the sky went pitch black and the inside lights started flickering as lightning and thunder raged outside.

Luckily the conference was mostly indoors (unlike the filming session of Winners and Losers attempting to work on the grass just outside the conference) so apart from a wild wet trip over to another Monash campus for an exhibition opening, we all stayed pretty snug. Continue reading