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Finlay Press & Finlay Lloyd

This is a personal research article built from email and oral interviews with Phil Day. I have spoken of the Finlay Press at a number of occasions: the Impact 7 conference in Melbourne (September 2011) and at the fine press symposium Adventure & Art (March 2012). It is an important chapter of Australian private press history, but I’ve never been able to find anything written about them in any depth, so here we go:

Finlay Press is a private press established by Ingeborg Hansen and Phil Day. They began printing in Goulburn, NSW, Australia in 1997. In 2001 the press moved to Braidwood, NSW, where they designed and printed numerous publications before closing the press in 2009.

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Postmark Mail Art: Colour Printing

Pre-amble ramble

The other day I walked into the Principal’s office (where I’ve been stashing my bag of a day) and she asked me what I’d learned that day. What haven’t I learned!  The school’s motto, Together we learn, together we grow, is a philosophy I really support, as any of my adult class participants would tell you. I often learn as much from my students as they learn from me. Continue reading

Postmark Mail Art: Book Week

I’ve finished the first stage of the Postmark Mail Art project; every child and teacher in the school has set their names in type and printed them on their postcards. Now I have to print the backs of the cards with the formal postcard bits and the relevant official school and government logos (I’m using photopolymer plate for this) and then we can do the fun colour printing by hand with all sorts of things like foam and plasticine and found objects. Continue reading